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# Airthings

This extension adds support for Airthings (opens new window) indoor air quality monitor sensors.

# Supported Things

Following thing types are supported by this extension:

Thing Type ID Description
airthings_wave_plus Airthings Wave+

# Discovery

As any other Bluetooth device, Airthings devices are discovered automatically by the corresponding bridge.

# Thing Configuration

Supported configuration parameters for Airthings Wave+ thing:

Property Type Default Required Description
address String Yes Bluetooth address of the device (in format "XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX")
refreshInterval Integer 300 No How often a refresh shall occur in seconds

# Channels

Following channels are supported for Airthings Wave+ thing:

Channel ID Item Type Description
temperature Number:Temperature The measured temperature
humidity Number:Dimensionless The measured humidity
pressure Number:Pressure The measured air pressure
co2 Number:Dimensionless The measured CO2 level
tvoc Number:Dimensionless The measured TVOC level
radon_st_avg Number:Density The measured radon short term average level
radon_lt_avg Number:Density The measured radon long term average level

# Example

airthings.things (assuming you have a Bluetooth bridge with the ID bluetooth:bluegiga:adapter1:

bluetooth:airthings_wave_plus:adapter1:sensor1  "Airthings Wave Plus Sensor 1" (bluetooth:bluegiga:adapter1) [ address="12:34:56:78:9A:BC", refreshInterval=300 ]


Number:Temperature      temperature     "Temperature [%.1f %unit%]"                   { channel="bluetooth:airthings_wave_plus:adapter1:sensor1:temperature" }
Number:Dimensionless    humidity        "Humidity [%d %unit%]"                        { channel="bluetooth:airthings_wave_plus:adapter1:sensor1:humidity" }
Number:Pressure         pressure        "Air Pressure [%d %unit%]"                    { channel="bluetooth:airthings_wave_plus:adapter1:sensor1:pressure" }
Number:Dimensionless    co2             "CO2 level [%d %unit%]"                       { channel="bluetooth:airthings_wave_plus:adapter1:sensor1:co2" }
Number:Dimensionless    tvoc            "TVOC level [%d %unit%]"                      { channel="bluetooth:airthings_wave_plus:adapter1:sensor1:tvoc" }
Number:Density          radon_st_avg    "Radon short term average level [%d %unit%]"  { channel="bluetooth:airthings_wave_plus:adapter1:sensor1:radon_st_avg" }
Number:Density          radon_lt_avg    "Radon long term average level [%d %unit%]"   { channel="bluetooth:airthings_wave_plus:adapter1:sensor1:radon_lt_avg" }