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# Nest Binding

The Nest binding integrates devices by Nest (opens new window) using the Nest API (opens new window) (REST).

Because the Nest API runs on Nest's servers a connection with the Internet is required for sending and receiving information. The binding uses HTTPS to connect to the Nest API using ports 443 and 9553. Make sure outbound connections to these ports are not blocked by a firewall.

Note: This binding can only be used with Nest devices if you have an existing Nest developer account signed up for the Works with Nest (WWN) program. New integrations using the WWN program are no longer accepted because WWN is being retired. To keep using this binding do NOT migrate your Nest Account to a Google Account. For more information see What's happening at Nest? (opens new window).

# Supported Things

The table below lists the Nest binding thing types:

Things Description Thing Type
Nest Account An account for using the Nest REST API account
Nest Cam (Indoor, IQ, Outdoor), Dropcam A Nest Cam registered with your account camera
Nest Protect The smoke detector/Nest Protect for the account smoke_detector
Structure The Nest structure defines the house the account has setup on Nest. You will only have more than one structure if you have more than one house structure
Nest Thermostat (E) A Thermostat to control the various aspects of the house's HVAC system thermostat

# Authorization

The Nest API uses OAuth for authorization. Therefore the binding needs some authorization parameters before it can access your Nest account via the Nest API.

To get these authorization parameters you first need to sign up as a Nest Developer (opens new window) and register a new Product (opens new window) (free and instant).

While registering a new Product (on the Product Details page) make sure to:

  • Leave both "OAuth Redirect URI" fields empty to enable PIN-based authorization.
  • Grant all the permissions you intend to use. When in doubt, enable the permission because the binding needs to be reauthorized when permissions change at a later time.

After creating the Product, your browser shows the Product Overview page. This page contains the Product ID and Product Secret authorization parameters that are used by the binding. Take note of both parameters or keep this page open in a browser tab. Now copy and paste the "Authorization URL" in a new browser tab. Accept the permissions and you will be presented the Pincode authorization parameter that is also used by the binding.

You can return to the Product Overview page at a later time by opening the Products (opens new window) page and selecting your Product.

# Discovery

The binding will discover all Nest Things from your account when you add and configure a "Nest Account" Thing. See the Authorization paragraph above for details on how to obtain the Product ID, Product Secret and Pincode configuration parameters.

Once the binding has successfully authorized with the Nest API, it obtains an Access Token using the Pincode. The configured Pincode is cleared because it can only be used once. The obtained Access Token is saved as an advanced configuration parameter of the "Nest Account".

You can reuse an Access Token for authorization but not the Pincode. A new Pincode can again be generated via the "Authorization URL" (see Authorization paragraph).

# Channels

# Account Channels

The account Thing Type does not have any channels.

# Camera Channels

Camera group channels

Information about the camera.

Channel Type ID Item Type Description Read Write
app_url String The app URL to see the camera R
audio_input_enabled Switch If the audio input is currently enabled R
last_online_change DateTime Timestamp of the last online status change R
public_share_enabled Switch If public sharing is currently enabled R
public_share_url String The URL to see the public share of the camera R
snapshot_url String The URL to use for a snapshot of the video stream R
streaming Switch If the camera is currently streaming R/W
video_history_enabled Switch If the video history is currently enabled R
web_url String The web URL to see the camera R

Last event group channels

Information about the last camera event (requires Nest Aware subscription).

Channel Type ID Item Type Description Read Write
activity_zones String Identifiers for activity zones that detected the event (comma separated) R
animated_image_url String The URL showing an animated image for the camera event R
app_url String The app URL for the camera event, allows you to see the camera event in an app R
end_time DateTime Timestamp when the camera event ended R
has_motion Switch If motion was detected in the camera event R
has_person Switch If a person was detected in the camera event R
has_sound Switch If sound was detected in the camera event R
image_url String The URL showing an image for the camera event R
start_time DateTime Timestamp when the camera event started R
urls_expire_time DateTime Timestamp when the camera event URLs expire R
web_url String The web URL for the camera event, allows you to see the camera event in a web page R

# Smoke Detector Channels

Channel Type ID Item Type Description Read Write
co_alarm_state String The carbon monoxide alarm state of the Nest Protect (OK, EMERGENCY, WARNING) R
last_connection DateTime Timestamp of the last successful interaction with Nest R
last_manual_test_time DateTime Timestamp of the last successful manual test R
low_battery Switch Reports whether the battery of the Nest protect is low (if it is battery powered) R
manual_test_active Switch Manual test active at the moment R
smoke_alarm_state String The smoke alarm state of the Nest Protect (OK, EMERGENCY, WARNING) R
ui_color_state String The current color of the ring on the smoke detector (GRAY, GREEN, YELLOW, RED) R

# Structure Channels

Channel Type ID Item Type Description Read Write
away String Away state of the structure (HOME, AWAY) R/W
country_code String Country code of the structure (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 (opens new window)) R
co_alarm_state String Carbon Monoxide alarm state (OK, EMERGENCY, WARNING) R
eta_begin DateTime Estimated time of arrival at home, will setup the heat to turn on and be warm R
peak_period_end_time DateTime Peak period end for the Rush Hour Rewards program R
peak_period_start_time DateTime Peak period start for the Rush Hour Rewards program R
postal_code String Postal code of the structure R
rush_hour_rewards_enrollment Switch If rush hour rewards system is enabled or not R
security_state String Security state of the structure (OK, DETER) R
smoke_alarm_state String Smoke alarm state (OK, EMERGENCY, WARNING) R
time_zone String The time zone for the structure (IANA time zone format (opens new window)) R

# Thermostat Channels

Channel Type ID Item Type Description Read Write
can_cool Switch If the thermostat can actually turn on cooling R
can_heat Switch If the thermostat can actually turn on heating R
eco_max_set_point Number:Temperature The eco range max set point temperature R
eco_min_set_point Number:Temperature The eco range min set point temperature R
fan_timer_active Switch If the fan timer is engaged R/W
fan_timer_duration Number:Time Length of time that the fan is set to run (15, 30, 45, 60, 120, 240, 480, 960 minutes) R/W
fan_timer_timeout DateTime Timestamp when the fan stops running R
has_fan Switch If the thermostat can control the fan R
has_leaf Switch If the thermostat is currently in a leaf mode R
humidity Number:Dimensionless Indicates the current relative humidity R
last_connection DateTime Timestamp of the last successful interaction with Nest R
locked Switch If the thermostat has the temperature locked to only be within a set range R
locked_max_set_point Number:Temperature The locked range max set point temperature R
locked_min_set_point Number:Temperature The locked range min set point temperature R
max_set_point Number:Temperature The max set point temperature R/W
min_set_point Number:Temperature The min set point temperature R/W
mode String Current mode of the Nest thermostat (HEAT, COOL, HEAT_COOL, ECO, OFF) R/W
previous_mode String The previous mode of the Nest thermostat (HEAT, COOL, HEAT_COOL, ECO, OFF) R
state String The active state of the Nest thermostat (HEATING, COOLING, OFF) R
temperature Number:Temperature Current temperature R
time_to_target Number:Time Time left to the target temperature approximately R
set_point Number:Temperature The set point temperature R/W
sunlight_correction_active Switch If sunlight correction is active R
sunlight_correction_enabled Switch If sunlight correction is enabled R
using_emergency_heat Switch If the system is currently using emergency heat R

Note that the Nest API rounds Thermostat values so they will differ from what shows up in the Nest App. The Nest API applies the following rounding:

  • degrees Celsius to 0.5 degrees
  • degrees Fahrenheit to whole degrees
  • humidity to 5%

# Example

You can use the discovery functionality of the binding to obtain the deviceId and structureId values for defining Nest things in files.

Another way to get the deviceId and structureId values is by querying the Nest API yourself. First obtain an Access Token (opens new window) (or use the Access Token obtained by the binding). Then use it with one of the API Read Examples (opens new window).

# demo.things:

Bridge nest:account:demo_account [ productId="8fdf9885-ca07-4252-1aa3-f3d5ca9589e0", productSecret="QITLR3iyUlWaj9dbvCxsCKp4f", accessToken="c.6rse1xtRk2UANErcY0XazaqPHgbvSSB6owOrbZrZ6IXrmqhsr9QTmcfaiLX1l0ULvlI5xLp01xmKeiojHqozLQbNM8yfITj1LSdK28zsUft1aKKH2mDlOeoqZKBdVIsxyZk4orH0AvKEZ5aY" ] {
    camera         fish_cam           [ deviceId="qw0NNE8ruxA9AGJkTaFH3KeUiJaONWKiH9Gh3RwwhHClonIexTtufQ" ]
    smoke_detector hallway_smoke      [ deviceId="Tzvibaa3lLKnHpvpi9OQeCI_z5rfkBAV" ]
    structure      home               [ structureId="20wKjydArmMV3kOluTA7JRcZg8HKBzTR-G_2nRXuIN1Bd6laGLOJQw" ]
    thermostat     living_thermostat  [ deviceId="ZqAKzSv6TO6PjBnOCXf9LSI_z5rfkBAV" ]

# demo.items:

/* Camera */
String   Cam_App_URL               "App URL [%s]"                                                      { channel="nest:camera:demo_account:fish_cam:camera#app_url" }
Switch   Cam_Audio_Input_Enabled   "Audio Input Enabled"                                               { channel="nest:camera:demo_account:fish_cam:camera#audio_input_enabled" }
DateTime Cam_Last_Online_Change    "Last Online Change [%1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS]"          { channel="nest:camera:demo_account:fish_cam:camera#last_online_change" }
String   Cam_Snapshot_URL          "Snapshot URL [%s]"                                                 { channel="nest:camera:demo_account:fish_cam:camera#snapshot_url" }
Switch   Cam_Streaming             "Streaming"                                                         { channel="nest:camera:demo_account:fish_cam:camera#streaming" }
Switch   Cam_Public_Share_Enabled  "Public Share Enabled"                                              { channel="nest:camera:demo_account:fish_cam:camera#public_share_enabled" }
String   Cam_Public_Share_URL      "Public Share URL [%s]"                                             { channel="nest:camera:demo_account:fish_cam:camera#public_share_url" }
Switch   Cam_Video_History_Enabled "Video History Enabled"                                             { channel="nest:camera:demo_account:fish_cam:camera#video_history_enabled" }
String   Cam_Web_URL               "Web URL [%s]"                                                      { channel="nest:camera:demo_account:fish_cam:camera#web_url" }
String   Cam_LE_Activity_Zones     "Last Event Activity Zones [%s]"                                    { channel="nest:camera:demo_account:fish_cam:last_event#activity_zones" }
String   Cam_LE_Animated_Image_URL "Last Event Animated Image URL [%s]"                                { channel="nest:camera:demo_account:fish_cam:last_event#animated_image_url" }
String   Cam_LE_App_URL            "Last Event App URL [%s]"                                           { channel="nest:camera:demo_account:fish_cam:last_event#app_url" }
DateTime Cam_LE_End_Time           "Last Event End Time [%1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS]"         { channel="nest:camera:demo_account:fish_cam:last_event#end_time" }
Switch   Cam_LE_Has_Motion         "Last Event Has Motion"                                             { channel="nest:camera:demo_account:fish_cam:last_event#has_motion" }
Switch   Cam_LE_Has_Person         "Last Event Has Person"                                             { channel="nest:camera:demo_account:fish_cam:last_event#has_person" }
Switch   Cam_LE_Has_Sound          "Last Event Has Sound"                                              { channel="nest:camera:demo_account:fish_cam:last_event#has_sound" }
String   Cam_LE_Image_URL          "Last Event Image URL [%s]"                                         { channel="nest:camera:demo_account:fish_cam:last_event#image_url" }
DateTime Cam_LE_Start_Time         "Last Event Start Time [%1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS]"       { channel="nest:camera:demo_account:fish_cam:last_event#start_time" }
DateTime Cam_LE_URLs_Expire_Time   "Last Event URLs Expire Time [%1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS]" { channel="nest:camera:demo_account:fish_cam:last_event#urls_expire_time" }
String   Cam_LE_Web_URL            "Last Event Web URL [%s]"                                           { channel="nest:camera:demo_account:fish_cam:last_event#web_url" }

/* Smoke Detector */
String   Smoke_CO_Alarm            "CO Alarm [%s]"                                            { channel="nest:smoke_detector:demo_account:hallway_smoke:co_alarm_state" }
Switch   Smoke_Battery_Low         "Battery Low"                                              { channel="nest:smoke_detector:demo_account:hallway_smoke:low_battery" }
Switch   Smoke_Manual_Test         "Manual Test"                                              { channel="nest:smoke_detector:demo_account:hallway_smoke:manual_test_active" }
DateTime Smoke_Last_Connection     "Last Connection [%1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS]"    { channel="nest:smoke_detector:demo_account:hallway_smoke:last_connection" }
DateTime Smoke_Last_Manual_Test    "Last Manual Test [%1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS]"   { channel="nest:smoke_detector:demo_account:hallway_smoke:last_manual_test_time" }
String   Smoke_Smoke_Alarm         "Smoke Alarm [%s]"                                         { channel="nest:smoke_detector:demo_account:hallway_smoke:smoke_alarm_state" }
String   Smoke_UI_Color            "UI Color [%s]"                                            { channel="nest:smoke_detector:demo_account:hallway_smoke:ui_color_state" }

/* Thermostat */
Switch   Thermostat_Can_Cool       "Can Cool"                                                 { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:can_cool" }
Switch   Thermostat_Can_Heat       "Can Heat"                                                 { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:can_heat" }
Number:Temperature Therm_EMaxSP    "Eco Max Set Point [%.1f %unit%]"                          { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:eco_max_set_point" }
Number:Temperature Therm_EMinSP    "Eco Min Set Point [%.1f %unit%]"                          { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:eco_min_set_point" }
Switch   Thermostat_FT_Active      "Fan Timer Active"                                         { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:fan_timer_active" }
Number:Time Thermostat_FT_Duration "Fan Timer Duration [%d %unit%]"                           { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:fan_timer_duration" }
DateTime Thermostat_FT_Timeout     "Fan Timer Timeout [%1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS]"  { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:fan_timer_timeout" }
Switch   Thermostat_Has_Fan        "Has Fan"                                                  { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:has_fan" }
Switch   Thermostat_Has_Leaf       "Has Leaf"                                                 { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:has_leaf" }
Number:Dimensionless Therm_Hum     "Humidity [%.1f %unit%]"                                   { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:humidity" }
DateTime Thermostat_Last_Conn      "Last Connection [%1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS]"    { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:last_connection" }
Switch   Thermostat_Locked         "Locked"                                                   { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:locked" }
Number:Temperature Therm_LMaxSP    "Locked Max Set Point [%.1f %unit%]"                       { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:locked_max_set_point" }
Number:Temperature Therm_LMinSP    "Locked Min Set Point [%.1f %unit%]"                       { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:locked_min_set_point" }
Number:Temperature Therm_Max_SP    "Max Set Point [%.1f %unit%]"                              { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:max_set_point" }
Number:Temperature Therm_Min_SP    "Min Set Point [%.1f %unit%]"                              { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:min_set_point" }
String   Thermostat_Mode           "Mode [%s]"                                                { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:mode" }
String   Thermostat_Previous_Mode  "Previous Mode [%s]"                                       { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:previous_mode" }
String   Thermostat_State          "State [%s]"                                               { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:state" }
Number:Temperature Thermostat_SP   "Set Point [%.1f %unit%]"                                  { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:set_point" }
Switch   Thermostat_Sunlight_CA    "Sunlight Correction Active"                               { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:sunlight_correction_active" }
Switch   Thermostat_Sunlight_CE    "Sunlight Correction Enabled"                              { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:sunlight_correction_enabled" }
Number:Temperature Therm_Temp      "Temperature [%.1f %unit%]"                                { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:temperature" }
Number:Time Therm_Time_To_Target   "Time To Target [%d %unit%]"                               { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:time_to_target" }
Switch   Thermostat_Using_Em_Heat  "Using Emergency Heat"                                     { channel="nest:thermostat:demo_account:living_thermostat:using_emergency_heat" }

/* Structure */
String   Home_Away                 "Away [%s]"                                                { channel="nest:structure:demo_account:home:away" }
String   Home_Country_Code         "Country Code [%s]"                                        { channel="nest:structure:demo_account:home:country_code" }
String   Home_CO_Alarm_State       "CO Alarm State [%s]"                                      { channel="nest:structure:demo_account:home:co_alarm_state" }
DateTime Home_ETA                  "ETA [%1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS]"                { channel="nest:structure:demo_account:home:eta_begin" }
DateTime Home_PP_End_Time          "PP End Time [%1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS]"        { channel="nest:structure:demo_account:home:peak_period_end_time" }
DateTime Home_PP_Start_Time        "PP Start Time [%1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS]"      { channel="nest:structure:demo_account:home:peak_period_start_time" }
String   Home_Postal_Code          "Postal Code [%s]"                                         { channel="nest:structure:demo_account:home:postal_code" }
Switch   Home_Rush_Hour_Rewards    "Rush Hour Rewards"                                        { channel="nest:structure:demo_account:home:rush_hour_rewards_enrollment" }
String   Home_Security_State       "Security State [%s]"                                      { channel="nest:structure:demo_account:home:security_state" }
String   Home_Smoke_Alarm_State    "Smoke Alarm State [%s]"                                   { channel="nest:structure:demo_account:home:smoke_alarm_state" }
String   Home_Time_Zone            "Time Zone [%s]"                                           { channel="nest:structure:demo_account:home:time_zone" }

# Attribution

This documentation contains parts written by John Cocula which were copied from the 1.0 Nest binding.