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# Epson Projector Binding

This binding is compatible with Epson projectors that support the ESC/VP21 protocol over a serial port or USB to serial adapter. Alternatively, you can connect to your projector via a TCP connection using a serial over IP device or by usingser2net.

# Supported Things

This binding supports two thing types based on the connection used: projector-serial and projector-tcp.

# Discovery

The projector thing cannot be auto-discovered, it has to be configured manually.

# Binding Configuration

There are no overall binding configuration settings that need to be set. All settings are through thing configuration parameters.

# Thing Configuration

The projector-serial thing has the following configuration parameters:

  • serialPort: Serial port device name that is connected to the Epson projector to control, e.g. COM1 on Windows, /dev/ttyS0 on Linux or /dev/tty.PL2303-0000103D on Mac
  • pollingInterval: Polling interval in seconds to update channel states | 5-60 seconds; default 10 seconds

The projector-tcp thing has the following configuration parameters:

  • host: IP address for the serial over IP device
  • port: Port for the serial over IP device
  • pollingInterval: Polling interval in seconds to update channel states | 5-60 seconds; default 10 seconds

Some notes:

  • The binding should work on all Epson projectors that support the ESC/VP21 protocol, however not all binding channels will be useable on all projectors.

  • The source channel includes a dropdown with the most common source inputs.

  • If your projector has a source input that is not in the dropdown, the two digit hex code to access that input will be displayed by the source channel when that input is selected by the remote control.

  • By using the sitemap mapping or a rule to send the input's code back to the source channel, any source on the projector can be accessed by the binding.

  • The following channels aspectratio, colormode, luminance, gamma and background are pre-populated with a full set of options and not every option will be useable on all projectors.

  • If your projector has an option in one of the above mentioned channels that is not recognized by the binding, the channel will display 'UNKNOWN' if that un-recognized option is selected by the remote control.

  • If the projector power is switched to off in the middle of a polling operation, some of the channel values may become undefined until the projector is switched on again.

  • On Linux, you may get an error stating the serial port cannot be opened when the epsonprojector binding tries to load.

  • You can get around this by adding the openhab user to the dialout group like this: usermod -a -G dialout openhab.

  • Also on Linux you may have issues with the USB if using two serial USB devices e.g. epsonprojector and RFXcom. See the general documentation about serial port configuration for more on symlinking the USB ports.

  • Here is an example of ser2net.conf you can use to share your serial port /dev/ttyUSB0 on IP port 4444 using ser2net Linux tool (opens new window) (take care, the baud rate is specific to the Epson projector):

4444:raw:0:/dev/ttyUSB0:9600 8DATABITS NONE 1STOPBIT LOCAL

# Channels

Channel Item Type Purpose Values
power Switch Powers the projector on or off.
powerstate String Retrieves the textual power state of the projector. Read only
source String Retrieve or set the input source. See above
aspectratio String Retrieve or set the aspect ratio. See above
colormode String Retrieve or set the color mode. See above
freeze Switch Turn the freeze screen mode on or off.
mute Switch Turn the AV mute on or off.
volume Number Retrieve or set the volume. 0 - +20
luminance String Retrieve or set the lamp mode. See above
brightness Number Retrieve or set the brightness. -24 - +24
contrast Number Retrieve or set the contrast. -24 - +24
density Number Retrieve or set the density (color saturation). -32 - +32
tint Number Retrieve or set the tint. -32 - +32
colortemperature Number Retrieve or set the color temperature. 0 - +9
fleshtemperature Number Retrieve or set the flesh temperature. 0 - +6
gamma String Retrieve or set the gamma setting. See above
autokeystone Switch Turn the auto keystone mode on or off.
verticalkeystone Number Retrieve or set the vertical keystone. -30 - +30
horizontalkeystone Number Retrieve or set the horizontal keystone. -30 - +30
verticalposition Number Retrieve or set the vertical position. -8 - +10
horizontalposition Number Retrieve or set the horizontal position. -23 - +26
verticalreverse Switch Turn the vertical reverse mode on or off.
horizontalreverse Switch Turn the horizontal reverse mode on or off.
background String Retrieve or set the background color/logo. See above
keycode Number Send a key operation command to the projector. Send only
lamptime Number Retrieves the lamp hours. Read only
errcode Number Retrieves the last error code. Read only
errmessage String Retrieves the description of the last error. Read only

# Full Example


//serial port connection
epsonprojector:projector-serial:hometheater "Projector" [ serialPort="COM5", pollingInterval=10 ]

// serial over IP connection
epsonprojector:projector-tcp:hometheater "Projector"  [ host="", port=4444, pollingInterval=10 ]


Switch epsonPower                                      { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:power" }
String epsonSource       "Source [%s]"                 { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:source" }
String epsonAspectRatio  "Aspect Ratio [%s]"           { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:aspectratio" }
String epsonColorMode    "Color Mode [%s]"             { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:colormode" }
Switch epsonFreeze                                     { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:freeze" }
Switch epsonMute                                       { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:mute" }
Number epsonVolume                                     { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:volume" }
String epsonLuminance    "Lamp Mode [%s]"              { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:luminance" }

Number epsonBrightness                                 { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:brightness" }
Number epsonContrast                                   { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:contrast" }
Number epsonDensity                                    { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:density" }
Number epsonTint                                       { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:tint" }
Number epsonColorTemperature                           { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:colortemperature" }
Number epsonFleshTemperature                           { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:fleshtemperature" }
String epsonGamma        "Gamma [%s]"                  { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:gamma" }

Switch epsonAutokeystone                               { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:autokeystone" }
Number epsonVerticalKeystone                           { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:verticalkeystone" }
Number epsonHorizontalKeystone                         { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:horizontalkeystone" }
Number epsonVerticalPosition                           { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:verticalposition" }
Number epsonHorizontalPosition                         { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:horizontalposition" }
Switch epsonVerticalReverse                            { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:verticalreverse" }
Switch epsonHorizontalReverse                          { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:horizontalreverse" }

String epsonBackground  "Background [%s]"              { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:background" }
String epsonPowerState  "Power State [%s]"   <switch>  { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:powerstate" }
Number epsonLampTime    "Lamp Time [%d h]"   <switch>       { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:lamptime" }
Number epsonErrCode     "Error Code [%d]"    <"siren-on">   { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:errcode" }
String epsonErrMessage  "Error Message [%s]" <"siren-off">  { channel="epsonprojector:projector:hometheater:errmessage" }


sitemap epson label="Epson Projector Demo"
    Frame label="Controls" {
        Switch     item=epsonPower  label="Power"
        Selection  item=epsonSource label="Source" mappings=["30"="HDMI1", "A0"="HDMI2", "14"="Component", "20"="PC DSUB", "41"="Video", "42"="S-Video"]
        Switch     item=epsonFreeze label="Freeze"
        Switch     item=epsonMute   label="AV Mute"
        Setpoint   item=epsonVolume label="Volume"

    Frame label="Adjust Image" {
        Setpoint   item=epsonBrightness         label="Brightness"
        Setpoint   item=epsonContrast           label="Contrast"
        Setpoint   item=epsonDensity            label="Color Saturation"
        Setpoint   item=epsonTint               label="Tint"
        Switch     item=epsonAutokeystone       label="Auto Keystone"
        Setpoint   item=epsonVerticalKeystone   label="Vertical Keystone"
        Setpoint   item=epsonHorizontalKeystone label="Horizontal Keystone"
        Setpoint   item=epsonVerticalPosition   label="Vertical Position"
        Setpoint   item=epsonHorizontalPosition label="Horizontal Position"
        Selection  item=epsonBackground         label="Background"
    Frame label="Flip Projection" {
        Switch  item=epsonVerticalReverse   label="Vertical Reverse"
        Switch  item=epsonHorizontalReverse label="Horizontal Reverse"
    Frame label="Info" {
        Text  item=epsonAspectRatio
        Text  item=epsonColorMode
        Text  item=epsonColorTemperature    label="Color Temperature"
        Text  item=epsonFleshTemperature    label="Flesh Temperature"
        Text  item=epsonGamma
        Text  item=epsonLuminance
        Text  item=epsonPowerState
        Text  item=epsonLampTime
        Text  item=epsonErrCode
        Text  item=epsonErrMessage