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# myStrom Binding

This extension adds support for the myStrom devices. Currently only the smart plug is implemented.

# Supported Things

This bundle adds the following thing types:

Thing ThingTypeID Description
myStrom Smart Plug mystromplug A myStrom smart plug

# Discovery

This extension does not support autodiscovery. The things need to be added manually.

# Thing Configuration

The following parameters are valid for all thing types:

Parameter Type Required Default if omitted Description
hostname string yes localhost The IP address or hostname of the myStrom smart plug
refresh integer no 10 Poll interval in seconds. Increase this if you encounter connection errors

# Channels

Channel ID Item Type Read only Description
switch Switch false Turn the smart plug on or off
power Number:Power true The currently delivered power
temperature Number:Temperature true The temperature at the plug

# Full Example

# Thing Configuration

Thing mystrom:mystromplug:d6217a31 "Plug" [hostname="hostname|ip"]

# Item Configuration

Switch PlugSwitch		"Plug" 	                		 		{channel="mystrom:mystromplug:d6217a31:switch"}
Number:Temperature PlugTemperature "Temperature: [%.1f °C]"     {channel="mystrom:mystromplug:d6217a31:temperature"}  
Number:Power PlugPower "Power: [%.1f W]"                        {channel="mystrom:mystromplug:d6217a31:power"} 

# Sitemap Configuration

Frame label="myStrom Plug" { 
    Switch item=PlugSwitch
    Text item=PlugTemperature
    Text item=PlugPower