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# TouchWand Binding

Touchwand Wanderfull™ Hub basic is a plug & play Z-Wave based controller that uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to easily connect all smart home components. TouchWand products are compatible with most major Z-Wave products, IP controlled devices and KNX devices, providing the ideal solution for building all-inclusive full-featured smart homes. (opens new window)

Touchwand Wanderfull™ Hub

# Supported Things

This binding supports switches, shutters dimmers alarm sensors and wall controllers configured in Touchwand Wanderfull™ Hub Controller.

# Control and Status

  1. switch - control - ON/OFF
  2. shutter - control - UP/DOWN/STOP
  3. dimmer - control - ON/OFF/BRIGHTNESS
  4. wallcontroller - control - LONG/SHORT
  5. alarmsensor - status channels depend on alarm sensor type

# Discovery

After adding TouchWand Hub the auto discovery will add all switches dimmers alarm sensors and shutters to the inbox.

# Bridge Configuration

Touchwand Wanderfull™ Hub Controller need to be added manually by IP address. The controller requires username and password

Parameter Description Units required
username Touchwand hub username string yes
password Touchwand hub password string yes
ipAddress Touchwand hub hostname or IP address string yes
port Management port (default 80) integer no
statusrefresh Unit status refresh interval in seconds integer no
addSecondaryUnits If the controller is primary, add secondary controllers units as well bool no

# Thing Configuration

No thing configuration is needed

# Channels

note Touchwand Wanderfull™ supports various types of alarm sensors such as water leak, door/window sensor and motion sensor. Alarm Sensor thing represents a generic sensor, relevant sensor channels will be displayed once a sensor is added as a Thing.

Channel Type ID Item Type Description
switch Switch This channel supports switching the device on and off.
shutter Rollershutter This channel controls the shutter position
brightness Dimmer This channel supports adjusting the brightness value.
illumination Number:Illuminance This channel shows the current illuminance measured by the sensor.
temperature Number:Temperature This channel shows the current temperature measured by the sensor.
leak Switch This channel alert when water leak is detected by the sensor
motion Switch This channel alert when motion detected by the sensor.
isOpen Contact This channel shows the status of Door/Window sensor.
battery_level Number This channel shows the battery level.
battery_low Switch This channel indicates whether the battery is low or not.
wallaction String This channel indicate SHORT or LONG wallcontroller button pressed

# Full Example

# touchwand.things

Things can be defined manually The syntax for touchwand this is

Thing <binding_id>:<type_id>:<thing_id> "Label" @ "Location"

Where <thing_id> is the unit id in touchwand hub.

Bridge touchwand:bridge:1921681116 [ipAddress="", username="username" , password="password"]{
Thing switch 408 "Strairs light"
Thing switch 411 "South Garden light"
Thing dimmer 415 "Living Room Ceiling dimmer"
Thing switch 418 "Kitchen light"
Thing shutter 345 "Living Room North shutter"
Thing shutter 346 "Living Room South shutter"

# touchwand.items

/* Shutters */
Rollershutter   Rollershutter_345      "Living Room North shutter"    {channel="touchwand:shutter:1921681116:345:shutter"}
Rollershutter   Rollershutter_346      "Living Room South shutter"    {channel="touchwand:shutter:1921681116:346:shutter"}
/* Switches and Dimmers */
Switch  Switch_408      "Strairs light"                 {channel="touchwand:switch:1921681116:408:switch"}
Switch  Switch_411      "South Garden light"            {channel="touchwand:switch:1921681116:411:switch"}
Dimmer  Switch_415      "Living Room Ceiling dimmer"    {channel="touchwand:switch:1921681116:415:switch"}
Switch  Switch_418      "South Garden light"            {channel="touchwand:switch:1921681116:418:switch"}