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# OpenUV Binding

This binding uses the OpenUV Index API service (opens new window) for providing UV Index information for any location worldwide.

To use this binding, you first need to register and get your API token (opens new window).

# Discovery

Once a bridge with the api Key has been created, Local UV Index informations can be auto discovered based on system location.

# Binding Configuration

The binding has no configuration options, all configuration is done at Bridge and Thing level.

# Bridge Configuration

The bridge has only one configuration parameter :

Parameter Description
apikey Data-platform token to access the OpenUV service. Mandatory.

Will accept a Refresh command in order to reinitiate connexion (eg in case of Quota exceeded).

# Thing Configuration

The thing has a few configuration parameters :

Parameter Description
location Geo coordinates to be considered by the service.
refresh Refresh interval in minutes. Optional.

For the location parameter, the following syntax is allowed (comma separated latitude, longitude and optional altitude):


# Channels

The OpenUV Report thing that is retrieved has these channels:

Channel ID Item Type Description
UVIndex Number UV Index
Alert Number Alert level associated to given UV Index
UVColor Color Color associated to given alert level.
UVMax Number Max UV Index for the day (at solar noon)
UVMaxTime DateTime Max UV Index datetime (solar noon)
Ozone Number:ArealDensity Ozone level in du (Dobson Units) from OMI data
OzoneTime DateTime Latest OMI ozone update datetime
UVTime DateTime UV Index datetime
SafeExposure Number:Time Safe exposure time for Fitzpatrick Skin Types.
elevation Number:Angle Current Sun elevation.

The elevation channel will be used as an input in order to limit API queries to OpenUV. If not used, the binding will not consider it. When value is provided queries will only be issued if the elevation is > 0°.

# Examples


Bridge openuv:openuvapi:local "OpenUV Api" [ apikey="xxxxYYYxxxx" ] {
    Thing uvreport city1 "UV In My City" [ location="52.5200066,13.4049540", refresh=10 ]{
            Type SafeExposure : Parents [       
            Type SafeExposure : Childs [


Number              UVIndex   "UV Index"  {channel="openuv:uvreport:local:city1:UVIndex" }
Number              UVMax     "UV Max"    {channel="openuv:uvreport:local:city1:UVMaxEvent" }
Number:ArealDensity Ozone     "Ozone"     {channel="openuv:uvreport:local:city1:Ozone" }


Number:Angle        Elevation "Elevation" {channel="astro:sun:home:position#elevation",
                                           channel="openuv:uvreport:local:city1:elevation" [profile="follow"] }